European Survey - "E - Youth Patrimony"

Dear Participant,

Here you will find an online survey where we will ask you few questions related to needs of European crafters Entrepreneurs or crafters who wish to be Entrepreneurs.

The aim of research is to get an information about the need of European Entrepreneurs in order to understand their situation, how they are doing their practices in term of craft and handmade creations, reality and challenges and what kind of support do they need.

The information that we are going to get will help us to plan and organize various supporting activities for the crafters entrepreneurs or who wish to become entrepreneurs, who will need some kind of support. That is the reason why your honest answers are very important for us, as well as for the youngsters.

This survey is not the test of your knowledge and there is no correct neither wrong answers.

We are just interested about your experience and opinion.

This survey is anonymous, so your personal data will not be collected neither analyzed.

Answering this survey will take you around four minutes.

Thank you in advance for your collaboration.

"E- youth patrimony" TEAM




This survey is part of the project "E-Youth Patrimony" that is a KA3 Erasmus+ project in the field of Dialogue and Cooperation with Civil Society that is coordinated by Solidarity Tracks (Greece) and that involves 16 European organizations, from 14 European countries and aims to promote social entrepreneurship related to Patrimony & Culture through E-Mentoring.